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Wellness Screening

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A healthy life goes beyond the mere absence of disease to encompass optimal function in every area of your body. At Kelly Ultrasound Center in Greenville, South Carolina, wellness screening is a tool that helps you learn more about how your body is working and where improvements are possible. For many men and women, the peace of mind that comes from being fully informed is both comforting and empowering. Request an appointment online or by phone today for a personalized wellness screening, and take control of your health and wellness.

Wellness Screening Q & A

What is a wellness ultrasound?

A wellness ultrasound is an imaging test used to check for signs of tissue abnormalities. The team at Kelly Ultrasound Center offers numerous wellness ultrasounds that can help you learn more about your current health and wellness. 

Some of the options include:

Solid organ screening

This ultrasound examines your pancreas, thyroid, spleen, liver, kidneys, as well as the uterus and ovaries in women.  

Critical vessel screen

This ultrasound examines your abdominal aorta, carotid arteries, subclavian arteries, and tibial arteries to see how well blood is moving through your circulatory system. 

AAA screen

This ultrasound examines your abdominal aorta for signs of weakening. 

Carotid intima-media thickness screening

This examines your carotid arteries for signs of both hard and soft plaques along the artery walls.

Why should I consider a wellness screening?

Many of the health conditions identified during a wellness screening do not present clear symptoms until the problem has reached a critical stage. Aneurysms are a prime example, and many men and women have no idea something is amiss until they experience a medical emergency. 

Wellness ultrasounds empower you to take a proactive approach to your overall health and wellness. The information gleaned from these noninvasive tests can help you guide your care, including making important lifestyle changes before, not after, a life-threatening medical condition develops. 

Is a wellness ultrasound all I need to feel confident about my overall health?

Ultrasounds are an excellent tool to learn more about your internal tissues and structures, but like all medical testing, they only paint a limited picture of all that’s going on in your body. Many men and women choose to combine wellness ultrasounds with other screening options like blood work and genetic screening to gain a deeper understanding of overall health. 

It should also be noted that your wellness screening needs change as you age and depending on your current state of health. Your primary care physician or family medicine practitioner can guide you toward the preventive health screenings that are right for you, right now. 

What should I do with my wellness ultrasound results?

Your doctor should have your results from Kelly Ultrasound Center in hand within 24-48 hours of your appointment. As you go over those results, you may have some decisions to make concerning your next steps. 

In some cases, a wellness ultrasound reveals signs of tissue abnormalities. You may need follow-up screening to rule out serious disease. Depending on the results of those efforts, you may need intervention in the form of drug therapy or surgery.

To explore wellness screening in more detail, call Kelly Ultrasound Center or request an appointment online today.